Book Log

When this j3rk is on vacation, most of the time, the best form of relaxation is to kick back and read a good book while surrounded by nature. This is a log of books I've read, along with what I though about them in a 0-5 star rating.

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📱 The Exiled FleetJ.S. DewesJanuary
1 books read in 2023
📱 The Last WatchJ.S. DewesDecember
📱 Distant ThunderStuart WoodsOctober
📱 We Are SatellitesSarah PinskerOctober
📱 Outlands: ResoluteJack CampbellSeptember
📗 Mass Effect: AnnihilationCatherynne ValenteSeptember
📱 Black DogStuart WoodsAugust
📱 How to MarsDavid EbenbachAugust
📱 AppleseedMatt BellJuly
📱 The FoldPeter ClinesApril
📱 A Safe HouseStuart WoodsApril
📱 Criminal MischiefStuart WoodsApril
📱 Attack SurfaceCory DoctorowMarch
📱 Left BehindTim LaHayeMarch
📗 Analog and D-Pad Volume 1Tim BuckleyFebruary
📱 Full Wolf MoonLincoln ChildJanuary
📱 The Forgotten RoomLincoln ChildJanuary
16 books read in 2022
📱 The Third GateLincoln ChildDecember
📱 Outlands: BoundlessJack CampbellDecember
📱 Terminal FreezeLincoln ChildNovember
📱 Foul PlayStuart WoodsNovember
📱 Class ActStuart WoodsOctober
📱 Light of the JediCharles SouleOctober
📱 Project Hail MaryAndy WeirSeptember
📱 Deep StormLincoln ChildAugust
📱 GoldilocksLaura LamJuly
📱 JackpotStuart Woods / Bryon QuertermousJune
📱 Only HumanSylvain NuevelJune
📱 Waking GodsSylvain NuevelJune
📱 Sleeping GiantsSylvain NuevelMay
📱 The Galaxy, and the Ground WithinBecky ChambersMay
📱 Double JeopardyStuart WoodsApril
📱 Darth PlagueisJames LucenoApril
📱 WanderersChuck WendigMarch
📱 From a Certain Point of ViewRenée AhdiehFebruary
📱 Hush HushStuart WoodsJanuary
19 books read in 2021
📱 Drifters Alliance: Book 3Elle CaseyDecember
📱 Drifters Alliance: Book 2Elle CaseyDecember
📱 Drifters Alliance: Book 1Elle CaseyDecember
📱 Look to WindwardIain M. BanksDecember
📱 ShakeupStuart WoodsNovember
📱 TarkinJames LucenoOctober
📱 Record of a Spaceborn FewBecky ChambersSeptember
📱 Choppy WaterStuart WoodsSeptember
📱 No WayS.J. MordenAugust
📱 Terran TomorrowNancy KressAugust
📱 Dark DeedsMike BrooksAugust
📱 A Closed and Common OrbitBecky ChambersJuly
📱 Dark SkyMike BrooksJuly
📱 The Long Way to a Small, Angry PlanetBecky ChambersJune
📱 Dark RunMike BrooksJune
📱 BombshellStuart WoodsJune
📱 The Space Between the StarsAnne CorlettMay
📱 If Tomorrow ComesNancy KressMay
📱 Castaway ResolutionEric Flint / Ryk E. SpoorMay
📱 Tomorrow's KinNancy KressApril
📱 Hit ListStuart WoodsMarch
📱 TreasonStuart WoodsFebruary
📱 StealthStuart WoodsJanuary
📗 How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World ProblemsRandall MunroeJanuary
24 books read in 2020
📱 AcadieDave HutchinsonDecember
📚 The Shell GameJanet EvanovichNovember
📱 The Big KahunaJanet EvanovichNovember
📱 The PursuitJanet Evanovich / Lee GoldbergOctober
📱 Gunpowder MoonDavid PedreiraOctober
📱 The ScamJanet EvanovichSeptember
📱 The JobJanet EvanovichSeptember
📱 ContrabandStuart WoodsAugust
📱 The ChaseJanet EvanovichAugust
📱 Dragon TeethMichael CrichtonAugust
📱 SevenevesNeal StephensonAugust
📱 Skin GameStuart WoodsJune
📱 The Genesis Fleet: TriumphantJack CampbellJune
📱 RelicAlan Dean FosterJune
📱 One WayS. J. MordenMay
📱 The HeistJanet EvanovichMay
📱 Sex on the MoonBen MezrichApril
📱 Wild CardStuart WoodsApril
📱 Desperate MeasuresStuart WoodsMarch
📱 Beyond the Frontier: LeviathanJack CampbellMarch
📱 A Delicate TouchStuart WoodsMarch
📱 The Lost Stars: Shattered SpearJack CampbellFebruary
📱 The Lost Stars: Imperfect SwordJack CampbellFebruary
📱 Beyond the Frontier: SteadfastJack CampbellJanuary
📱 The Lost Stars: Perilous ShieldJack CampbellJanuary
📗 Beyond the Frontier: GuardianJack CampbellJanuary
26 books read in 2019
📱 The Lost Stars: Tarnished KnightJack CampbellDecember
📱 Beyond the Frontier: InvincibleJack CampbellDecember
📗 Beyond the Frontier: DreadnaughtJack CampbellNovember
📱 The Lost Fleet: VictoriousJack CampbellNovember
📱 The Lost Fleet: RelentlessJack CampbellNovember
📗 Castaway OdysseyEric Flint / Ryk E. SpoorOctober
📱 The Lost Fleet: ValiantJack CampbellOctober
📱 The Lost Fleet: CourageousJack CampbellSeptember
📱 The Lost Fleet: FearlessJack CampbellSeptember
📱 The Lost Fleet: DauntlessJack CampbellSeptember
📗 The Money ShotStuart WoodsSeptember
📗 The Genesis Fleet: AscendantJack CampbellAugust
📱 Year ZeroRob ReidAugust
📱 The Genesis Fleet: VanguardJack CampbellAugust
📗 The Mayan ApocalypseMark Hitchcock / Alton GanskyJuly
📱 TurbulenceStuart WoodsJuly
📱 Star Wars: Darth PlagueisJames LucenoJune
📱 The Lost City of the Monkey GodDouglas PrestonMay
📱 Shoot FirstStuart WoodsMay
📱 UnboundStuart WoodsMay
📱 Surface DetailIain M. BanksMay
📚 The Man Who Sold the MoonCory DoctorowFebruary
📱 HomelandCory DoctorowFebruary
📱 Little BrotherCory DoctorowJanuary
🎧 WalkawayCory DoctorowJanuary
25 books read in 2018
📱 ArtemisAndy WeirNovember
📱 Quick and DirtyStuart WoodsOctober
📗 Mass Effect: RetributionDrew KarpyshynSeptember
📗 Mass Effect: AscensionDrew KarypshynSeptember
📱 MatterIain M. BanksAugust
📗 Mass Effect: RevelationDrew KarpyshynJuly
📱 Use of WeaponsIain M. BanksJuly
📱 Indecent ExposureStuart WoodsJune
📗 The Catcher in the RyeJ.D. SalingerJune
📱 Consider PhlebasIain M. BanksMay
📱 Fast and LooseStuart WoodsApril
📱 The Player of GamesIain M. BanksApril
📗 Fahrenheit 451Ray BradburyApril
📱 1984George OrwellMarch
📗 Dinosaur ThunderJames F. DavidFebruary
📗 Thunder of TimeJames F. DavidJanuary
📱 Below the BeltStuart WoodsJanuary
📱 Sex, Lies, and Serious MoneyStuart WoodsJanuary
18 books read in 2017
📱 Footprints of ThunderJames F. DavidDecember
📱 Dishonorable IntentionsStuart WoodsDecember
📗 Capital CrimesLawrence SandersOctober
📱 Smooth OperatorStuart WoodsOctober
📱 Family JewelsStuart WoodsOctober
📱 FreakonomicsSteven D. LevittSeptember
📗 Scandalous BehaviorStuart WoodsSeptember
📗 Foreign AffairsStuart WoodsSeptember
📗 Naked GreedStuart WoodsSeptember
📗 Hot PursuitStuart WoodsSeptember
📗 Insatiable AppetitesStuart WoodsAugust
📱 Early Retirement ExtremeJacob Lund FiskerAugust
📗 Paris MatchStuart WoodsAugust
📱 Cut and ThrustStuart WoodsJuly
📱 Carnal CuriosityStuart WoodsJuly
📗 The HobbitJ. R. R TolkeinMay
📱 Down and Out in the Magic KingdomCory DoctorowMay
📱 Space VikingH. Beam PiperApril
📱 MicroMichael Crichton / Richard PrestonMarch
📗 Castaway PlanetEric Flint / Ryk E. SpoorFebruary
📱 Mounting FearsStuart WoodsJanuary
📱 Capital CrimesStuart WoodsJanuary
22 books read in 2016
📱 The RunStuart WoodsDecember
📱 Deep LieStuart WoodsOctober
📱 Run Before the WindStuart WoodsSeptember
📱 ChiefsStuart WoodsSeptember
📱 Standup GuyStuart WoodsSeptember
📱 Doing Hard TimeStuart WoodsAugust
📱 Unintended ConsequencesStuart WoodsAugust
📱 Collateral DamageStuart WoodsAugust
📱 Severe ClearStuart WoodsAugust
📱 Unnatural ActsStuart WoodsAugust
📱 D.C. DeadStuart WoodsJuly
📱 Son of StoneStuart WoodsJuly
📱 Bel-Air DeadStuart WoodsJuly
📱 Strategic MovesStuart WoodsJuly
📱 KisserStuart WoodsJune
📗 The MartianAndy WeirJune
📱 Loitering With IntentStuart WoodsJune
📱 Hot MahoganyStuart WoodsJune
📱 Shoot Him If He RunsStuart WoodsMay
📗 Slow ApocaplyseJohn VarleyMay
📱 Fresh DisastersStuart WoodsMay
📱 Dark HarborStuart WoodsMay
📗 Two Dollar BillStuart WoodsMay
📗 Dark LightningJohn VarleyApril
📱 Dirty WorkStuart WoodsMarch
📱 The Short ForeverStuart WoodsFebruary
📗 Cold ParadiseStuart WoodsFebruary
📗 Star Wars: The Jedi Path & Book of SithDaniel WallaceFebruary
📱 L.A. DeadStuart WoodsFebruary
📗 Worst Fears RealizedStuart WoodsFebruary
📗 Swimming to CatalinaStuart WoodsJanuary
📗 Dead in the WaterStuart WoodsJanuary
📗 DirtStuart WoodsJanuary
📗 New York DeadStuart WoodsJanuary
34 books read in 2015
📗 Iron OrchidStuart WoodsAugust
📗 Reckless AbandonStuart WoodsAugust
📗 Blood OrchidStuart WoodsAugust
📗 Orchid BluesStuart WoodsJuly
📗 Orchid BeachStuart WoodsJuly
📗 Santa Fe EdgeStuart WoodsJuly
📱 Santa Fe DeadStuart WoodsJuly
📗 Short StrawStuart WoodsJuly
📱 Santa Fe RulesStuart WoodsJuly
9 books read in 2014
📗 Rolling ThunderJohn VarleyDecember
📗 Red LightningJohn VarleyDecember
📗 Red ThunderJohn VarleyOctober
📗 Back to the MoonTravis S. Taylor / Les JohnsonMay
📗 MammothJohn VarleyMay
5 books read in 2013
📱 Pirate LatitudesMichael CrichtonOctober
📗 ThresholdEric Flint / Ryk E. SpoorOctober
📗 BoundaryEric Flint / Ryk E. SpoorSeptember
📗 Raptor RedRobert T. BakkerJune
📱 The Game Games BowlTim BuckleyJanuary
📱 Brian's HuntGary PaulsenJanuary
📱 Brian's ReturnGary PaulsenJanuary
📱 Brian's WinterGary PaulsenJanuary
📱 The RiverGary PaulsenJanuary
📗 HatchetGary PaulsenJanuary
📗 ShatterpointMatthew StoverJanuary
11 books read in 2012
📗 Republic Commando: Hard ContactKaren TravissNovember
📗 The Approaching StormAlan Dean FosterNovember
📗 Outbound FlightTimothy ZahnOctober
📗 Rogue PlanetGreg BearSeptember
📗 Darth Maul: Shadow HunterMichael ReavesAugust
📗 Cloak of DeceptionJames LucenoJuly
6 books read in 2011
216 books read since keeping track


Authors by Popularity

AuthorBooks ReadAverage RatingWorstBest
Stuart Woods803.8 stars25
Jack Campbell204.3 stars45
Cory Doctorow64.3 stars35
Iain M. Banks63.3 stars34
Janet Evanovich63.7 stars34
John Varley64.3 stars45
Eric Flint / Ryk E. Spoor54.2 stars45
Gary Paulsen54.0 stars35
Lincoln Child53.8 stars34
Becky Chambers44.3 stars45
James Luceno43.8 stars34
Andy Weir35.0 stars55
Elle Casey34.0 stars44
James F. David35.0 stars55
Mike Brooks34.3 stars45
Nancy Kress33.7 stars34
Sylvain Nuevel34.0 stars44
Alan Dean Foster24.0 stars44
Drew Karpyshyn24.5 stars45
J.S. Dewes24.0 stars44
Michael Crichton24.0 stars44
Tim Buckley24.5 stars45
Anne Corlett13.0 stars33
Ben Mezrich13.0 stars33
Catherynne Valente14.0 stars44
Charles Soule14.0 stars44
Chuck Wendig15.0 stars55
Daniel Wallace15.0 stars55
Dave Hutchinson14.0 stars44
David Ebenbach13.0 stars33
David Pedreira13.0 stars33
Douglas Preston14.0 stars44
Drew Karypshyn14.0 stars44
George Orwell13.0 stars33
Greg Bear13.0 stars33
H. Beam Piper14.0 stars44
J. R. R Tolkein15.0 stars55
J.D. Salinger12.0 stars22
Jacob Lund Fisker14.0 stars44
Janet Evanovich / Lee Goldberg14.0 stars44
Karen Traviss14.0 stars44
Laura Lam14.0 stars44
Lawrence Sanders14.0 stars44
Mark Hitchcock / Alton Gansky15.0 stars55
Matt Bell13.0 stars33
Matthew Stover13.0 stars33
Michael Crichton / Richard Preston13.0 stars33
Michael Reaves13.0 stars33
Neal Stephenson15.0 stars55
Peter Clines15.0 stars55
Randall Munroe15.0 stars55
Ray Bradbury14.0 stars44
Renée Ahdieh14.0 stars44
Rob Reid14.0 stars44
Robert T. Bakker14.0 stars44
S. J. Morden14.0 stars44
S.J. Morden14.0 stars44
Sarah Pinsker14.0 stars44
Steven D. Levitt15.0 stars55
Stuart Woods / Bryon Quertermous13.0 stars33
Tim LaHaye13.0 stars33
Timothy Zahn15.0 stars55
Travis S. Taylor / Les Johnson15.0 stars55

Books by Rating

Analog and D-Pad Volume 1Tim Buckley5 stars
ArtemisAndy Weir5 stars
Attack SurfaceCory Doctorow5 stars
Back to the MoonTravis S. Taylor / Les Johnson5 stars
Capital CrimesStuart Woods5 stars
Castaway ResolutionEric Flint / Ryk E. Spoor5 stars
Dark RunMike Brooks5 stars
Dead in the WaterStuart Woods5 stars
Dinosaur ThunderJames F. David5 stars
Footprints of ThunderJames F. David5 stars
Foreign AffairsStuart Woods5 stars
FreakonomicsSteven D. Levitt5 stars
HatchetGary Paulsen5 stars
HomelandCory Doctorow5 stars
How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World ProblemsRandall Munroe5 stars
Hush HushStuart Woods5 stars
Mass Effect: RevelationDrew Karpyshyn5 stars
Outbound FlightTimothy Zahn5 stars
Outlands: ResoluteJack Campbell5 stars
Paris MatchStuart Woods5 stars
Project Hail MaryAndy Weir5 stars
Red LightningJohn Varley5 stars
Run Before the WindStuart Woods5 stars
SevenevesNeal Stephenson5 stars
Shoot FirstStuart Woods5 stars
Slow ApocaplyseJohn Varley5 stars
Smooth OperatorStuart Woods5 stars
Star Wars: The Jedi Path & Book of SithDaniel Wallace5 stars
Strategic MovesStuart Woods5 stars
The FoldPeter Clines5 stars
The Genesis Fleet: AscendantJack Campbell5 stars
The Genesis Fleet: VanguardJack Campbell5 stars
The HobbitJ. R. R Tolkein5 stars
The Long Way to a Small, Angry PlanetBecky Chambers5 stars
The Lost Stars: Imperfect SwordJack Campbell5 stars
The Lost Stars: Shattered SpearJack Campbell5 stars
The Lost Stars: Tarnished KnightJack Campbell5 stars
The MartianAndy Weir5 stars
The Mayan ApocalypseMark Hitchcock / Alton Gansky5 stars
The RiverGary Paulsen5 stars
Thunder of TimeJames F. David5 stars
WalkawayCory Doctorow5 stars
WanderersChuck Wendig5 stars
A Closed and Common OrbitBecky Chambers4 stars
A Delicate TouchStuart Woods4 stars
A Safe HouseStuart Woods4 stars
AcadieDave Hutchinson4 stars
Bel-Air DeadStuart Woods4 stars
Below the BeltStuart Woods4 stars
Beyond the Frontier: DreadnaughtJack Campbell4 stars
Beyond the Frontier: GuardianJack Campbell4 stars
Beyond the Frontier: InvincibleJack Campbell4 stars
Beyond the Frontier: LeviathanJack Campbell4 stars
Beyond the Frontier: SteadfastJack Campbell4 stars
Black DogStuart Woods4 stars
BombshellStuart Woods4 stars
BoundaryEric Flint / Ryk E. Spoor4 stars
Brian's WinterGary Paulsen4 stars
Capital CrimesLawrence Sanders4 stars
Castaway OdysseyEric Flint / Ryk E. Spoor4 stars
Castaway PlanetEric Flint / Ryk E. Spoor4 stars
ChiefsStuart Woods4 stars
Choppy WaterStuart Woods4 stars
Class ActStuart Woods4 stars
Cloak of DeceptionJames Luceno4 stars
Cold ParadiseStuart Woods4 stars
Collateral DamageStuart Woods4 stars
Criminal MischiefStuart Woods4 stars
Dark DeedsMike Brooks4 stars
Dark HarborStuart Woods4 stars
Dark LightningJohn Varley4 stars
Dark SkyMike Brooks4 stars
Deep StormLincoln Child4 stars
Desperate MeasuresStuart Woods4 stars
Dirty WorkStuart Woods4 stars
Dishonorable IntentionsStuart Woods4 stars
Doing Hard TimeStuart Woods4 stars
Down and Out in the Magic KingdomCory Doctorow4 stars
Dragon TeethMichael Crichton4 stars
Drifters Alliance: Book 1Elle Casey4 stars
Drifters Alliance: Book 2Elle Casey4 stars
Drifters Alliance: Book 3Elle Casey4 stars
Early Retirement ExtremeJacob Lund Fisker4 stars
Fahrenheit 451Ray Bradbury4 stars
Foul PlayStuart Woods4 stars
From a Certain Point of ViewRenée Ahdieh4 stars
Full Wolf MoonLincoln Child4 stars
GoldilocksLaura Lam4 stars
Hit ListStuart Woods4 stars
Hot MahoganyStuart Woods4 stars
Hot PursuitStuart Woods4 stars
If Tomorrow ComesNancy Kress4 stars
Indecent ExposureStuart Woods4 stars
Insatiable AppetitesStuart Woods4 stars
Light of the JediCharles Soule4 stars
Little BrotherCory Doctorow4 stars
MammothJohn Varley4 stars
Mass Effect: AnnihilationCatherynne Valente4 stars
Mass Effect: AscensionDrew Karypshyn4 stars
Mass Effect: RetributionDrew Karpyshyn4 stars
Naked GreedStuart Woods4 stars
New York DeadStuart Woods4 stars
No WayS.J. Morden4 stars
One WayS. J. Morden4 stars
Only HumanSylvain Nuevel4 stars
Orchid BeachStuart Woods4 stars
Orchid BluesStuart Woods4 stars
Outlands: BoundlessJack Campbell4 stars
Pirate LatitudesMichael Crichton4 stars
Quick and DirtyStuart Woods4 stars
Raptor RedRobert T. Bakker4 stars
Reckless AbandonStuart Woods4 stars
Record of a Spaceborn FewBecky Chambers4 stars
Red ThunderJohn Varley4 stars
RelicAlan Dean Foster4 stars
Republic Commando: Hard ContactKaren Traviss4 stars
Rolling ThunderJohn Varley4 stars
Santa Fe DeadStuart Woods4 stars
Santa Fe EdgeStuart Woods4 stars
Santa Fe RulesStuart Woods4 stars
Scandalous BehaviorStuart Woods4 stars
Severe ClearStuart Woods4 stars
ShakeupStuart Woods4 stars
Shoot Him If He RunsStuart Woods4 stars
Short StrawStuart Woods4 stars
Skin GameStuart Woods4 stars
Sleeping GiantsSylvain Nuevel4 stars
Son of StoneStuart Woods4 stars
Space VikingH. Beam Piper4 stars
Star Wars: Darth PlagueisJames Luceno4 stars
StealthStuart Woods4 stars
Surface DetailIain M. Banks4 stars
Swimming to CatalinaStuart Woods4 stars
TarkinJames Luceno4 stars
Terminal FreezeLincoln Child4 stars
The Approaching StormAlan Dean Foster4 stars
The ChaseJanet Evanovich4 stars
The Exiled FleetJ.S. Dewes4 stars
The Galaxy, and the Ground WithinBecky Chambers4 stars
The Game Games BowlTim Buckley4 stars
The Genesis Fleet: TriumphantJack Campbell4 stars
The HeistJanet Evanovich4 stars
The JobJanet Evanovich4 stars
The Last WatchJ.S. Dewes4 stars
The Lost City of the Monkey GodDouglas Preston4 stars
The Lost Fleet: CourageousJack Campbell4 stars
The Lost Fleet: DauntlessJack Campbell4 stars
The Lost Fleet: FearlessJack Campbell4 stars
The Lost Fleet: RelentlessJack Campbell4 stars
The Lost Fleet: ValiantJack Campbell4 stars
The Lost Fleet: VictoriousJack Campbell4 stars
The Lost Stars: Perilous ShieldJack Campbell4 stars
The Money ShotStuart Woods4 stars
The Player of GamesIain M. Banks4 stars
The PursuitJanet Evanovich / Lee Goldberg4 stars
The ScamJanet Evanovich4 stars
The Third GateLincoln Child4 stars
ThresholdEric Flint / Ryk E. Spoor4 stars
Tomorrow's KinNancy Kress4 stars
TurbulenceStuart Woods4 stars
UnboundStuart Woods4 stars
Unnatural ActsStuart Woods4 stars
Waking GodsSylvain Nuevel4 stars
We Are SatellitesSarah Pinsker4 stars
Wild CardStuart Woods4 stars
Worst Fears RealizedStuart Woods4 stars
Year ZeroRob Reid4 stars
1984George Orwell3 stars
AppleseedMatt Bell3 stars
Blood OrchidStuart Woods3 stars
Brian's HuntGary Paulsen3 stars
Brian's ReturnGary Paulsen3 stars
Carnal CuriosityStuart Woods3 stars
Consider PhlebasIain M. Banks3 stars
ContrabandStuart Woods3 stars
Cut and ThrustStuart Woods3 stars
Darth Maul: Shadow HunterMichael Reaves3 stars
Darth PlagueisJames Luceno3 stars
Deep LieStuart Woods3 stars
DirtStuart Woods3 stars
Distant ThunderStuart Woods3 stars
Double JeopardyStuart Woods3 stars
Family JewelsStuart Woods3 stars
Fast and LooseStuart Woods3 stars
Fresh DisastersStuart Woods3 stars
Gunpowder MoonDavid Pedreira3 stars
How to MarsDavid Ebenbach3 stars
Iron OrchidStuart Woods3 stars
JackpotStuart Woods / Bryon Quertermous3 stars
KisserStuart Woods3 stars
L.A. DeadStuart Woods3 stars
Left BehindTim LaHaye3 stars
Loitering With IntentStuart Woods3 stars
Look to WindwardIain M. Banks3 stars
MatterIain M. Banks3 stars
MicroMichael Crichton / Richard Preston3 stars
Mounting FearsStuart Woods3 stars
Rogue PlanetGreg Bear3 stars
Sex on the MoonBen Mezrich3 stars
Sex, Lies, and Serious MoneyStuart Woods3 stars
ShatterpointMatthew Stover3 stars
Standup GuyStuart Woods3 stars
Terran TomorrowNancy Kress3 stars
The Big KahunaJanet Evanovich3 stars
The Forgotten RoomLincoln Child3 stars
The Man Who Sold the MoonCory Doctorow3 stars
The RunStuart Woods3 stars
The Shell GameJanet Evanovich3 stars
The Short ForeverStuart Woods3 stars
The Space Between the StarsAnne Corlett3 stars
TreasonStuart Woods3 stars
Two Dollar BillStuart Woods3 stars
Unintended ConsequencesStuart Woods3 stars
Use of WeaponsIain M. Banks3 stars
D.C. DeadStuart Woods2 stars
The Catcher in the RyeJ.D. Salinger2 stars