July 20, 2007
flag of england
In July of 2007 I went on a trip across Southern England for two weeks. It was just me and my friend and our backpacks, and we covered a lot of terrain in those two weeks, but still only saw a third of the country. Our route took us from London, through Windsor, Bath Spa, and on to Bristol. Then we headed south towards Penzance in Cornwall. From there we rode along the southern coast through Plymouth, Exmouth, Salisbury, Southampton, then down to Brighton. After that we headed back to London for the night, finding out that there was nowhere to stay more than one night, and headed off to Canterbury to finish out our trip, including a day trip out to the white cliffs of Dover.

My favorite place on the trip was either Dover or Bristol. Dover had some awesome cliffs and a spectacular castle. Bristol was a semi-large city, but still seemed small-town. It was very nice walking around the town enjoying the cool weather and city sights. The Clifton suspension bridge, which crosses the River Avon was neat, as it's quite old and engineered with chain links instead of steel cables.

Stonehenge, outside of Salisbusy was a pretty neat experience. There were too many people visiting it, but I still enjoyed being out on the plain, seeing the stands of trees randomly strewn about. The sheep grazing around Stonehenge were pretty cool also.

Someday I plan on going back to England seeing the rest of the country, as well as Wales and Scotland. Someday.

I took a lot of pictures in England. Here are some of the best ones: