May 30, 2009
flag of iceland
In May of 2009 I visited Iceland. I spent two weeks in the country enjoying every aspect from the city life in Reykjavik to the serene natural landscapes throughout the island. I saw geysers and hot springs as well as icebergs and glaciers. It truly is "the land of ice and snow, with the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow" to paraphrase Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin.

waterfallI thoroughly enjoyed my entire trip around the island. While two weeks was more than enough time to get around the island and see most things, I think it would have been nice to stay in some of the places for longer periods of time. Some of my favorite things to see were the icebergs and the waterfalls. I am fascinated with water features such as these. I don't know why! I was very excited to see that much water running all over, as I was when I visited England in 2007.

The air was so clean, it was very refreshing compared to the air in the Los Angeles area. It was crisp, but not cold. Temperatures ranged from 6°C (42.8°F) as a low in Akureyri in the north to as much as 18°C (64.4°F) in Reykjavik. I would love to live in a climate like that. Iceland seems like the perfect place to live. Internet access is ubiquitous, even in the cities away from capital, there is plenty of Italian food to eat, and the weather is great. I would highly recommend visiting Iceland at least once in your lifetime, and make sure to go past the Blue Lagoon.

Now, onto the pictures!