July 13, 2009
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In July of 2009 I again visited the very beautiful and exciting Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and more specifically Lake Powell. It is an awesome place to go for any length of time. On this trip, my most excellent girlfriend Alex accompanied me, as did my parents. There is nothing like being out on the lake with family enjoying the great outdoors.

This year Lake Powell was at or around 3,642ft. That is 58ft short of full pool. You can learn more information about the lake and its levels at the Lake Powell Water Database. During the trip, the Castle Rock Cut was open and allowed traffic through, although it is a no wake zone, which means you have to slow your boat to a crawl for that section of the lake. It saves a lot of time off a trip uplake though. The weather was perfect, large, puffy, white clouds cruising by and not a drop of rain or hint of a thunderstorm. It wasn't extremely hot, but plenty warm enough to facilitate ample use of the lake's water to cool down.