February 13, 2009
flag of california
In February of 2009 I visited the Monterey Peninsula with my awesome girlfriend, Alex. We stayed in the city of Salinas, CA for the entire visit, and visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Steinbeck Center in Salinas, and drove up to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. It was a great long-weekend trip over Presidents Day.

It was a rainy trip, once we arrived on the penninsula, but it was still fun. Most of the pictures are dark and cloudy due to the storm blowing through. There was an awesome downpour when we were at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, which looked like it was going to flood the whole parking lot.

During the trip, I used an application from work that needed extensive testing, which allowed me to track the entire trip in a KMZ file. We later found that the application stored far too many points, but it is very accurate, where the device was online and actively working. A few times I drained the battery, so the device stopped reporting its location, and you can see that clearly in the KMZ file.

Here are my favorite pictures from this trip: