April 13, 2012
In April we went to Yosemite National Park. I forgot my camera, and ended up taking pictures with my new cell phone. They don't look that great. It was a good trip. We stayed at the Mariposa Lodge, which, oddly enough, is in Mariposa. We visited the park twice, once on Sunday, and once again on Monday before heading home. We went up to the Hetch Hetchy reservoir because neither of us had been there before and were intrigued by it. The road going through Tuolomne was still closed, so we took the "All-Year" entrance to the park both days. It was pretty awesome to stop and read the signs along the way that explained how the road came to be. We had learned a lot about it before going through our various national park videos we have watched, but it was still great to actually experience the park together for the first time.