August 24, 2015
It was August. Sure, we just got back from Lake Powell a few weeks ago, but the new school year was coming up quickly. We needed one more getaway before my job's imposed vacation blackout took place. Also, conveniently, Alex was able to provide her notice to her long time job at Future Concepts, and take a few weeks off before starting her new job. Since she was starting her new job, that probably meant no more vacations for a while, until she builds up her PTO again. This was potentially our last trip out to the lake for the year.

Weekends in Laughlin are crowded and expensive. We like to head out during the week, and this time was no exception. We left early Sunday morning for a two night stay at the Pioneer in Laughlin. This is quickly becoming our favorite place to stay, not only because it's so inexpensive, but also the parking situation is great. At the other, larger hotels along Casino Drive, you have a long elevator ride down, and then a long walk across a hot parking lot before you finally get to your vehicle. That's not the case at the Pioneer. The highest floor is the 3rd, and even if you do require the use of the elevator instead of taking two flights of stairs, it's still only a short distance to the RV/boat parking area.

Since we left so early, we arrived in the Mohave Valley with enough time to get some gas for the toys and head out on Mohave for the afternoon. We went for short ride and found that "our" spot was not inhabited. We stopped for some swimming in the very warm water. The water was so much nicer than the last time we were here, in May. After hanging out for a bit, hunger got the best of us and we headed back to town. After some debate, we decided to try the Bumbleberry Flats restaurant again. Last time, we had breakfast and it wasn't very good. This time, we were pleasantly surprised. I had a pulled pork sandwich, it was above average as far as they go.

The next day, we did our normal routine of picking up some sandwiches from Subway for lunch before heading out on the lake again. Our spot was available, and we set up camp for the day. I am surprised how often it's not occupied by anyone else. It's such a nice spot. We did our normal hangout by the water thing, nothing special. As the day was drawing to a close, I started to pack up, and I startled a donkey! We had no idea he was over the closest ridge, but he started braying and hawing like crazy. Alex was able to catch a glimpse of him before he disappeared into the brush. He must have been heading down to the lake for a drink, and we ruined his afternoon plans. If you're reading this donkey, we're sorry. We packed up the rest of our stuff, headed back to town for some dinner at Bubba Gump's before turning in for the night.

On our final day, since we had to drive back home, we only spent a few hours on the lake, taking time to swim at multiple beaches along the way. It may be a long time before we get to swim in a lake again, so we had to get as much in as we possibly could. Sadly, we had to eventually head back in and prepare for departure. We stopped by the Taco Bell for some quick lunch, and started the long slog home. Hopefully this won't be the last trip of the year, but if it does end up being so, I'm glad we made the most of it!